Little Black Dress

Shop black maxi dress or black mini dress? So many dresses, so little time! Check out Shopping Minute's black dress for every occasion.

              1. date night - Stylist pick: Pick our black satin dress or short black lace dress from black evening dress collection for a feeling of luxury.

              2. out on the town with friends - Stylist pick: This occasion requires a more fun approach, so black mini dress from short black dresses collection will suit you perfectly - only sexy black dresses can make you feel on trend and sophisticated even in a plain black mini dress.

              3. day time extravagance - Stylist pick: We use luxury materials for a sophisticated look and simple lines to make you look stylish but not over the top. Look at our black shirt dress or black maxi dress for your day wear from simple black dress collection. Black sheer dress is a perfect cover up for a day at the beach.


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         Fun Facts about Little Black Dress


During the early 20th century, black dresses were reserved for mourning. Typical mourning duration was 2 years, first 12 months plain black dress, following 9 months of plain black with a little bit of black lace or black accessories, and final three months black was gradually replaced by other darker colors such as deep purple or navy blue. 


Then Coco arrived. Revolutionizing the little black dress, Chanel designed a loose, calf-length frock with a pair of diagonal lines forming a "V" at the center. It appeared in that year’s issue of Vogue and the little black dress drew both praises and skepticism as designers have their doubts whether this “widow’s seeds” will make it into store shelves. But with the wars in first half of 20th century, women joining work force needed to have a practical uniform which could serve as day to night all occasion dress. And so the popularity of little black dress is a reflection of the role of women in today's world. Independent, practical, smart and beautiful.


Today black dresses are more versatile, more pronounced as evening dress or day dress based on material and fit. Shopping Minute team works tirelessly to bring you a new twist on the old classic and to keep you on the front lines of today's society changes with our collection of best little black dresses. Sign up for email to find out about little black dresses sale events. Shop our cute little black dresses below.